House Plans


The ?Arlington? has a well-defined living layout with the dining & living slightly offset giving both spaces a feel of form & function.


The ?Dayton? is an affordable 4 bedroom home with a small footprint suited for multiple sites of all shapes and sizes.


The ?Denton? is a traditional brick home which is compact & simple in form with all necessities needed for today?s living standards.


The ?Frenso? is a fantastic two bedroom townhouse with a very small footprint allowing this to fit on nearly any section, no matter what size.


The ?Lancaster? is a timeless style and makes a real statement with its steeply pitched roof and cladding finishes.


The ?Madison? is a traditional brick home with a hip & valley roof-line making this an affordable option for building.


The ?Mirimar? is a simple yet modern looking home designed to be fun with both the layout & aesthetics.


The ?Montana? is a cleverly designed 4 bedroom ?H? shaped home which seperates living from bedrooms into two distinctive wings.


The ?Orlando?, a great New Zealand two story home with large opening living doors gives this home the perfect alfresco living for those nice summer days.


The ?Chandler? comes with both a modern appeal & interesting layout while having the form & function of a traditional home.


The ?Torrance? is a traditional brick home designed for a cost effective build with all necessities suited to today?s living.

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